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Camera in hand since 1996

Camera in hand since 1996

I'm an original Baltimorean photographer, facilitator, and collage artist that doesn't eat crabs. I know, it's sad but true. I'm obsessed with photography, cake, good deeds, and creating art. I get carried away creating products for my clients

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Most times I'm traveling between Maryland and Virginia photographing weddings, event or portraits if I'm not working on my next art exhibition, workshop, or personal projects now that I've completed my arts management fellowship ( you can read more about that here Urban Arts Leadership Program).

I am a traveling wedding, event and portrait photographer, collage artist, and art instructor. I've been taking pictures (nature, concerts, fashion shows, weddings, portraits... you name it I may have covered it) since I was 9 and making collages since I was 12. Although my art I create is held in it's own separate world I do use my art skills and passion to create products for my clients.

"And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it's this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture." 

Sy Parrish - One Hour Photo

My wedding photography style?

A little artistic, contrast, and a lot of candid moments = documentary. As the wedding day unfold I'll give very little directions to keep it real and nature as possible. I hate the stiff "dear in headlights" look doesn't make for good wall art for anyone... but still it's the client's choice to pose in ways that make they feel safe and/or comfortable.

My event photography style?

CAPTURE EVERYTHING! I love the details and decorations of events (and weddings). Since I shoot events for organizations sometimes those images are needed so they know how to set up for the following year, what worked and what didn't. I treat non-wedding events just like weddings where I focus on the host and guest equally (exclusions do apply).

You can add on print on site photography services with a photo booth setup to make picture taken fun for your guest... even the ones that normally hate taking pictures normally take pictures at our photo booth!

My portrait photography style?

I LOVE environmental portraits! That's where I get to work on location that my client and I choose together that best fits their overall vision. I can use surrounding areas or backdrops. I give posing guidance but I really want you to be a comfortable and NORMAL looking as possible. High fashion supermodel poses are NOT a requirement.

Years from now you'll be filled with joy looking at pictures depicting love and joy. Years from now younger generations will not have to question what color your eyes or hair is because you'll have photographs to show others. Younger generations will see your keepsakes and say "look at that cutie!"